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How to Start a Blog

The complete guide of how to start a blog in 2022


Starting a blog in 2022 should be something to get excited about. However, starting a blog requires commitment. You need to be dedicated to consistently delivering value to your target audience. Blogging is a rewarding business that can pay you for your efforts for years into the future.

Below we show you the steps of how you can start your blog and the tools that you will need to get started.

Select a Blog Topic
Register for the Right of Web Hosting
Install a WordPress theme
Install the Right Plugins
Setup Your Email Marketing Software
Writing Blog Posts

Select a Blog Topic

This stage is where people often get stuck. There is a lot of debate online whether to choose something you love or a topic that is profitable. Of course, the perfect answer is both. However, love and profits don’t always intersect.

My advice is to list the things that you love to do, list the things that you are good at, or have some experience in, list the clubs or associations you are a member of. Another great way to choose a blog topic is to think of the last few books that you read.

Believe me, somewhere in there is an opportunity for starting a blog. However, once you decide on a topic, you must do market research to ensure there is enough demand for the blog topic that you choose.

Choose a Blog Platform

When it comes to blog Platforms, there are numerous free, Opensource options including WordPress, Ghost, Jekyll, and many others. Our platform of choice is WordPress not because it is the most popular blog and website builder, but because:

  • Many hosting companies are dedicated to hosting WordPress blogs
  • Many website developers are experts at customizing WordPress
  • There are many great themes available for WordPress
  • There are lots of plugins to extend WordPress

The Right of Blog Hosting

Think of hosting as the computer that stores your website files. Many hosting companies range widely in features and price. The best WordPress web hosting for small to intermediate blogs is WPX hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX is dedicated WordPress hosting that also comes with email hosting, so you can set up your professional email addresses. Unfortunately, some managed WordPress hosting companies do not offer email hosting, so you must use third-party email hosting separately.

Our best pick for mid-range WordPress hosting is WPX because their hosting support is absolutely brilliant, and the blog security is solid. One of the most important features that WPX boasts is its hosting speed. 

Hosting speed relates to the speed of the server to respond to a request from a browser (to access the website) and how quickly the site pages load. Since using WPX hosting, our website speed is very fast.

Read our full WPX Hosting Review.

Advanced Blog Hosting

If you have a high-volume site and are an advanced WordPress user, the best managed WordPress hosting is with Kinsta. You can read our full Kinsta hosting review.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress can be done manually by uploading the files to the server via FTP and configuring the install using the installation wizard.

You can also install WordPress through 1-click WordPress installation that many hosting companies provide. However, be warned that some WordPress installers can leave WordPress installations insecure.

The one-click WordPress installation that WPX Hosting provides has brilliant security. You can install your WordPress blog almost instantly. With quality WordPress hosting, you know WPX will be there to help you with their fantastic support if you get stuck.

The WordPress one-click installation in WPX Hosting.

Install a WordPress theme

WordPress Theme for Experienced Users

We use the Newspaper theme by TagDiv, which has excellent features that allow us to maintain consistency and professionalism in our blog. However, with the features comes a learning curve. Therefore, I don’t recommend this theme for beginners.

WordPress Theme for Beginners

The best WordPress theme for beginners would be Astra. This theme has many great features. For example, it is fast loading due to its lightweight construction and minimal code approach. However, what is most impressive about this popular WordPress theme is the pre-built templates Astra has that look incredibly professional. Astra has far more pre-built blogs than Newspaper.

The other great thing about Astra is that it has free WordPress theme options to get you started.

Install the Essential WordPress Plugins


I recommend installing RankMath in WordPress. This incredible WordPress SEO plugin shows you exactly how to optimize your website for search engines. RankMath provides RankMath has a free and a paid version.  

Like many WordPress themes and plugins, RankMath has a free version and paid premium version. 

Check out RankMath.


W3 Total Cache


Autoptimize will compress and optimize the Javaccript and CSS files on your website.  The purpose for this is speed.  It can also significantly reduce the size of the theme by disabling some of the feaures that are rarely used.

Setup Your Email Marketing Software

ActiveCampaign is our email marketing software of choice. We love ActiveCampaign because it is a visual email sequence builder which is very easy to use.

Writing Blog Posts

Just as you had to do market research about your blog topic (or niche), it pays to do research before writing blog topics. You can do this with search engine optimization software. We use SE Ranking, which shows you opportunities with phrases that people search for. By researching, you will find a blog topic that you know that people are searching for. There is nothing worse than writing a blog post that nobody wants to read.

Set Up Google Account

Before registering for Google Analytics or Google Search Console, you will need to create a Google Account.

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

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Ben Waldeck is a Tech Lawyer and Author of the book Start-Up and Scale.

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