Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Build an App


If you would like to develop your App and you are price-sensitive, there is exciting new technology emerging that allows you to build at a cheaper cost. One of the emerging leaders in budget platforms is called Bubble. This incredible new system allows you to create your MVP by dragging and dropping elements, and it is incredibly cost-effective, just like an MVP should be. There is a small learning curve associated with Bubble. There are Bubble developers available who have made some incredible applications using the platform and are generally much more cost-effective than C# developers. Another reason Bubble is an attractive solution is because of the third-party developers who create MVP templates that you can use as a base framework. For example, to create a marketplace app that connects belly dancers with the public, you can find a marketplace template that is complete with a registration, account and booking system. You can start with this as your MVP and customise it to your requirements as your startup evolves. Bubble is a very cost-effective way that can slash your App development costs by up to about 70%. There are great developers are in the Bubble community that can help you bring your idea to life! Remember, when building your MVP, it must be simple. Focus on your one or two assumptions and AVOID continually adding features that don’t solve the big problem you identified in your problem canvas. That will most probably delay your release date and almost certainly lead to confusion. Continually adding features usually cause delays of release dates which further frustrates the team, who want to get their creation into the market. Delays always frustrate shareholders too as it delays a return on their investment.  
Ben Waldeck
Ben Waldeck
Ben Waldeck is a Tech Lawyer and Author of the book Start-Up and Scale.

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