Thursday, November 24, 2022

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect your intellectial property with an NDA.

If you want to engage with people and you want to ensure confidentiality of your intellectual property, then out Non-Disclosure Agreement template will be exactly the legal document you have been looking for.

Why use Our NDA Template?

We have experience with intellectual property.  Ben Waldeck is an intellectual property, technology and litigation lawyer.  Not only has Ben got experience in corporate law, however, he has vast experience in intellectual property and has been involved in numberous intellectual property disputes as a litigation lawyer. 

As we have seen exactly what can go wrong with non-disclosure agreements, our NDA template is drafted with this experience in mind.

Beware Auto-Generated Agreements

Auto generated agreements are usually below average.  Our templates provide explanation and guidance within the documents themselves.  So you can feel more comfortable making the document suit your purposes – as opposed to a computer system punching out a 1 size fits all template that does not provide the specificity required to protect your business, your intellectual property and your other confidential information.

Photo of lawyer with agreement