Software, Fintech Lawyer Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyer

Software Lawyer

Intellectual property rights in source code is governed by the Copyright Act.  Under that Act, source code is known as ‘computer code’.  Ben Waldeck assists companies with various software legal agreements, including, but not limited to software development contracts, licensing agreements and other contracts for commercialisation, and software source code sale agreements. In addition, when disputes arise over software ownership, authorship and licensing, Ben Waldeck can assist take dispute resolution and litigation steps with a strong focus to reach successful outcomes. Ben Waldeck is a leading software lawyer in Australia.


The Privacy Act in Australia applies to businesses that have an annual turnover of $3,000,000 or more.  It also applies to businesses that hold sensitive data such as some financial institutions, health care businesses and those businesses which receive tax file numbers from their clients.  The Privacy Act also applies to Government bodies. For those businesses that the Privacy Act applies to, they must be aware of the Australian Privacy Principals (APP).

Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance

Prevention is the best medicine.  This statement is particularly relevant to cybersecurity.  Therefore, companies must have proper cybersecurity risk and compliance processes in place.  Additionally, there must be proper policies, procedures and training in place for organisations that want to limit their cyber risk.

Technology Lawyer

Ben Waldeck is a cyber lawyer who has a background in technology.  Ben has the ability to understand the data, and importantly, the infrastructure of the technology.  Where most lawyers understanding of technology is cursory, Ben’s tech experience is practical and in-depth so you can be sure that your interests are best protected from a tech and legal perspective.  Ben works from Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia.


Fintech companies are growing rapidly in Australia and are regulated through various legislation.  Fintechs that operate in Australia are subject to strict financial licensing.  For example, most fintechs will require an Australian Financial Services License (AFS License) and usually require an Australian Credit License (ACL), depending on the way that the funds are being raised and if they are not subject to the small scale offering exception. In addition to the regulatory aspect of fintech companies, Ben can assist with other fintech company needs, including shareholders’ agreements, trade mark, software development agreements and terms and conditions for users of fintech platforms.