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This is difficult to write.  Not because of moral issues.  Rather, because of the complexities involved in explaining my position.  I was in two minds about whether to write a review on Clickfunnels at all. Let me explain… One aspect that I dislike about the online software/marketing world is that the software companies tout their software as a solution to everything. It is not software will not make you successful, it is execution.  Sure you can point to 5% of your market that use that software.  However, I believe that software will help you streamline your operation, once you have a successful business system in place. It is the representation that I have a problem with. Clickfunnels represents that all you need is a funnel, and with their system, you can make numerous funnels.  It further represents that the “funnel is the answer to everything”. However, a successful business needs more than a funnel – it needs a great product, incredible support, and brilliant execution. Speaking of success, Russell Brunson provides incredible marketing training which has helped many entrepreneurs become successful.  The questions is whether his tactics are ethical? I guess that is a question of whether those sales tactics are manipulative or just pursuasive.  I will let you be the judge on that.  What leaves a slightly bad taste in my mouth is that Clickfunnels appears to be associated with “Get Rich Quick” operators.  It makes me question whether the means that Clickfunnels is promoting is ethical when considering. In Clickfunnels defence, the argument remains, that a knife can be used to cut bread – or it can be used to stab someone.  I get it.  However, there is something around the hype of Clickfunnels that seems distasteful.  I think that is the best way to describe it. Notwithstanding, I will be reviewing the software (itself) in isolation of the ‘euphoria’ (I am being polite here) around it.  I have used Clickfunnels quite a lot of my client’s projects.  I will be releasing the review in February 18 2022.

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