The Best CRM in 2022 for Your Business

If you need a CRM – which is a customer relationship manager in 2022, there are many options available on the market for you to choose from. The name of the CRM is a little misleading. It sounds like it is about managing the relationship with the client. Which it is, however, the best CRMs will also organise your team to act on specific tasks such as managing leads and tasks.

For example, when a lead enters the system (thank you marketing team!), a notification is immediately sent to a salesperson to pick up the phone and give that prospect a call. This process allows your team to operate efficiently, and the client is happy because your sales team may contact them sooner. This process that you need to set out is called the customer journey. We will talk more about the customer journey in a later section.

Arguably, the best CRM on the market is Salesforce. It has an incredible set of features with a wide range of available add-ons. Salesforce is a quality product, and the price reflects this. Salesforce has a learning curve and you will need professionals to set it up. I only recommend it for established sales teams – not for early-stage startups.

If you are in the early stage, then I recommend using the CRM upgrade on ActiveCampaign. It is simple to use, and you can always migrate to Salesforce at a later stage. Salesforce is something that your head of sales will have to sell to the board when you are a little further down the track. Also, remember to check out the FREE Marketing Playbook by ActiveCampaign.  No opt-in is required, get instant access now.